Bedroom furniture is more important than you might think. We spend about one third of our lives sleeping, so a bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture we ever buy. It is therefore vital to make the correct choice when it comes to choosing a bed. A comfortable and well constructed bed will not only enable you to get a good night’s sleep, but will also help to avoid potential back problems.

Always start with the bed when planning your bedroom layout. From both a practical and visual point of view it is the most important item. Unless your bedroom is very large, the bed will be the focal point around which other items of bedroom furniture will fit in.

Memory Open Pocket King Size Divan Bed

The Memory Open Pocket mattress is designed for comfort and superior sleep. With a generous layer of memory foam on top of a reflex foam filling to give you support and comfort that allows a perfect nights sleep. Buy online from

Practical points

When buying your bedroom furniture, be careful not to buy a bed which is too large for the room. A large bed may need a large bed head, and could easily overpower the room. So taking accurate measurements if very important.

Also another point to remember is to make sure the doorways are big enough for you to get the bed up the stairs,  also not forgetting the  corridors and into the bedroom. This shouldn’t be a problem, because nearly all beds are supplied in sections, but it is worth doing a check.

You can get many different styles and types of bed , French Empire, Classic (bed base, mattress and upholstered bed head), Brass, Wrought Iron, and so on.

Bedroom Furniture

Other bedroom furniture is dictated by your needs. Ladies will need somewhere for makeup, so a dressing table with mirror will be needed. This can be a separate piece of bedroom furniture, or incorporated into built in wardrobe units. Chests of drawers are always useful, or alternatively, try an armoire.

Visualise Shaker Veradi Oak 2 Door Bedroom Mirrored Wardrobe

The Visualise Shaker Veradi Oak Double mirrored wardrobe brings a sense of style to any bedroom. This contemporary wardrobe has a solid and functional design with an attractive Veradi oak finish and chrome handles. Buy now from

You’ll need loads of storage space, so decide if you’re going for free standing units or built in ones. If your bedroom is quite small then built in units can make good use of the available space. But be careful you don’t make the room too ‘boxy’, or turn it into a corridor by a careless arrangement of your bedroom furniture.

And don’t forget chairs! Even one or two small, attractively upholstered chairs can make a bedroom look so much more inviting and comfortable.

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