Finding the best Storage Solution for your Bedroom

Buying and purchasing bedroom storage furniture can be hard to do, this is ever so more true if you have got many things that you need store and tidy away in your bedroom. The more things you have in your bedroom the more storage space you will need. However buying bigger wardrobes could be one easy solution to your storage problems, however is this the best storage solution for your bedroom? Putting a large wardrobe or two into your bedroom will make the room looked cultured and small.

When you have lots of items that require storage in your bedroom coming up with unique storage solutions which are different but allow for more storage will be to your advantage and help to maximise the amount of space available in a bedroom whether you room is large or small. When there are a lot of things in your bedroom that need to stored, you need to consider how big your budget is when looking to purchase new or bigger storage solutions for your bedroom, also the amount of space that is available in the room, also considering cheap bedroom furniture. One of the most easiest and common ways to solve storage issues in the bedroom is to get a bigger wardrobe, however it is not very unique and can make the bedroom look smaller and very full having bigger and bulkier furniture, but with good and decent inspiration and ideas you could make them look good.

Important things to do when choosing bedroom storage furniture

Before starting to search for more storage solutions for the bedroom, for example wardrobes, chest drawers, cabinets and other bedroom furniture storage solutions it is generally a very good idea to work out optimal size of what the allowances of the bedroom furniture can be, these are some of the questions you should ask yourself:

  • How Big is the Bedroom?
  • How much spare space is in the Bedroom?
  • Where could the new storage furniture go?
  • What are the Dimensions of this space?

When you are taking the all important measurements for bedroom storage furniture also consider using, covings, inlet areas, columns and various other features that could be in the bedroom, in order to achieve using the best amount of space look at all the available space in a bedroom.

A bedroom with different storage solutions

Storage behind the bed / Headboard Storage

Some bedrooms can allow for the placement of the bed in the middle of the bedroom and this could be a brilliant idea, however it is a very original idea be never the less a good one! Also placing the bed in the middle of the bedroom will mean that you should not need to worry about the headboard too much, however it will give you other headaches, the major one been the layout and positioning of bedroom furniture. But having the bed in the centre of the room will gain that extra bit of space behind the bed, also left consideration would be adding bed headboard storage. This could either be a headboard which has integrated shelving, cabinets and even chest draws. There is even a possibly of adding a cheap wardrobe or two behind the bed but remember to leave sufficient space for opening the doors on the cheap wardrobe.

Storage Under the Bed

Under bed storage solutions are popular, this is especially so if the right amount of room is available underneath the bed and also if the beds design is correct. By doing this you will be able to get away with having to purchase more cheap wardrobes. The biggest benefit of been able to use under bed storage solutions is that a lot of space is available. however there also some limitations to consider when using this type of storage, so be careful to do the correct measurements and also consider what can stored under the bed and how easily it can be accessed and what else can be placed in a cheap wardrobe. So a smart storage solution would be the best solution.

Under bed storage is also a great option for children bedrooms and kids bedroom, having large bulky cheap wardrobes could be dangerous and not appropriate in the children’s bedroom and kids bedroom. . Children’s bedrooms can be kept so much tidier and cleaner with some great smart under bed toy storage ideas, and whether you decide to use a single bed with storage already built in, or just invest in some plastic crates on wheels that your children can easily pull in and out to get to their toys and also put them away neatly. If their storage crates are fun and easy to use then you are more likely to get your children to store their toys away neatly. Of course the larger and bigger your bed, the more storage space you are going to have underneath it, and you can choose any size of under bed drawers or storage lockers to use.

It all also will depend on what you are looking to keep underneath your bed, and exactly what sort of storage containers will suit it best under the bed. It could be that a mix of boxes and vacuum bags works best, as you can maximise on space storing clothes or other material items in the storage bags, and toys or books in boxes, giving you the best of both worlds. Whatever you decide to store and however you decide is best to store it, the benefits of under bed storage should not be underestimated.

Custom Design Wardrobes, Bespoke Solutions

Wardrobes that are custom designed for your bedroom are generally a very expensive purchase, and only recommended if you have a large bedroom. A specialist will need to come in and measure up and then agree on suitable design solution with you, however you can go as large as you want and as large as your bedroom allows giving you ample storage space, much more than a flat pack cheap wardrobe.


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